Mykola Nakhodkin

Mykola Nakhodkin

Nanostructures formation and investigarion on the semiconductor surfaces

Research Fields:

Previous and Current Research

Main field of research

Nanostructures of silicides, oxides, refractory and rare-earth metals on the silicon surface and nanostructured silicon

Other fields

Quantum chemistry “ab initio” calculations of adsorption/desorption/migration phenomena and surface reactivity.

Current research interest

Manganese and chromium silicide nanodots and nanowires

Reactivity and magnetic properties of manganese monolayers on silicon

Enhancing sensitivity of ITO sensors on silicon by UV irradiation

Nanostructuring of silicon surface

Main Experimental Facilities

  • unique complex of ultra high vacuum (UHV) settings has been created. This complex is designated for purposes of investigation of electronic and short-order structural properties of solid state surfaces (amorphous, poly- and monocrystallyne). Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES), Ionization Loss Spectroscopy (ILS), Extended Energy Loss Fine Structure (EELFS), Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (REELS), Time of Flight Laser Mass-Spectrometry, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) and Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy (STS) methods are available.
  • software for data processing and simulation have been developed to study solid state surface (mainly Si, Ge and A3B5 based materials).

Group leader : Prof., Dr.Phys-Mat. Sci., Mykola Nakhodkin

The team consists of 5 researchers, 2 engeneers and about 5 PhD, Bachelor and Master students.

The research efforts of our group are directed at preparation and investigation of atomically smooth graphene/Ge(111) interfaces, identification of grain boundaries in nanostructured undoped silicon films, quantum chemistry “ab initio” simulation and experimental electron spectroscopy investigation of enhanced molecular oxygen adsorption and oxidation of Si-Ge alloys and clean Si(001) surfaces in the presence of Cr, Ti and Mn atoms, interaction of Gd and O with the silicon surface.

Our group is interested in investigation of synthesis and characterization the nanostructured silicon surface by a common action of high temperatures and electric fields

Selected Publications

Nakhodkin N.G., Kulish N.P., Rodionova T.V.
Faceting of twin tips in polysilicon films
Journal of Crystal Growth.-2013.- Vol. 381.-Pages 65-69. (ISSN: 0022-0248; SNIP (2014) - 1.165

Greenchuck O., Koval I., Nakhodkin M.
Dissociation of O2 molecule chemisorbed on Si1-xGex/Si(001)
Surface Science. -2014.-V.623, ¹1 - P. 13-16. (ISSN: 0039-6028, SNIP(2013):0.885)

Goriachko A., Melnik P.V., Nakhodkin M.G., Zakharov A.A., Over H.
Hexagonal C and BN superstructures on Ru(0001) and Ge(111)
Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik.-2013.- Volume 44, Issue 2-3, February 2013, Pages 129-135.- ISSN:0933-5137, E-ISSN: 1521-4052; SNIP (2013)- 0.575)

Goriachko A., Shchyrba A., Melnik P.V., Nakhodkin M.G.
Bismuth growth on Ge(111): Evolution of morphological changes from nanocrystals to films
Ukrainian Journal of Physics.- 2014.-Volume 59, Issue 8.- Pages 805-818. (ISSN: 0503-1265; SNIP (2015) -0.424 ).

Greenchuck O., Koval I., Nakhodkin M.
Surface stresses at the initial stages of oxidation of GexSi1-x/Si(001)
Ukrainian Journal of Physics.– 2014. – Volume 59, Issue 2. – P.148-154. (ISSN: 0503-1265; SNIP (2015) - 0.424

Goriachko A., Kulyk S.P., Melnik, P.V., Nakhodkin M.G.
Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of the Si(001)-c(8 × 8) nanostructured surface
Ukrainian Journal of Physics.-2015.-Volume 60, Issue 2.- Pages 148-152. (ISSN: 0503-1265; SNIP (2015) - 0.424).

Koval I.P., Len Y.A., Nakhodkin M.G., Svishevs’kyi M.O., Yakovenko M.Y.
Interaction of molecular oxygen with Si(001) surface // with a chromium or titanium monolayer
Ukrainian Journal of Physics.- 2015.-Volume 60, Issue 1.- Pages 46-51. (ISSN: 0503-1265; SNIP (2015) - 0.424

Nakhodkin M.G., Fedorchenko M.I.
Interaction of oxygen and gadolinium with Si(100)-2×1 surface. Formation of a system with 1-eV work function
Ukrainian Journal of Physics .-2015.-Volume 60, Issue 2.- Pages 97-103. (ISSN: 0503-1265; SNIP (2015) -0.424).

Nakhodkin N.G., Rodionova T.V., Sutyagina A.S.
Mechanisms of surface evolution during the growth of undoped nanosilicon films
Ukrainian Journal of Physics.-2015.-Volume 60, Issue 2.- Pages 165-169. (ISSN: 0503-1265; SNIP (2015) - 0.424).

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