Andrii Goriachko

Andrii Goriachko

Assistant professor


M.Sc. student
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv (Ukraine)

PhD student
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Kyiv (Ukraine)

2001 - 2002
Ph.D student
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus (Germany)

2002 - 2005
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus (Germany)

Justus Liebig University, Giessen (Germany)

2008 - 2015
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Kyiv (Ukraine)

2015 - Present
Assistant professor
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Kyiv (Ukraine)

Solid State Nano-electronics

Research Fields:

Previous and Current Research

  • Perspective Materials for Aggressively Scaled Gate Stacks and Contact Structures of MOS devices;
  • Scanning probe microscopy investigations of silicon carbide and organic semiconductor surfaces;
  • Film growth, 2D layers and nanostructures on silicon and germanium substrates
  • Nanostructured 2D layers and adsorbate systems on metallic substrates;
  • Thin film based sensors of diverse environmental factors.

Future Projects and Goals

  • Self-assembled nanostructures on solid surfaces
  • Applied and fundamental aspects of plasma processing for integrated electronics manufacturing
  • Room temperature infra-red photo-sensors
  • Novel 2D materials and cost-effective methods of their mass production
  • Gas-sensors for chemical and bio-hazards remote detection

Methodological and Technical Expertise

  • Ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy
  • Atomic force microscopy in ambient environment
  • Electron spectroscopy (Auger, photo-electron, electron energy loss)
  • Physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
  • Preparation and characterization of atomically clean and atomically flat surfaces

Selected Publications

Goriachko, A., Melnik, P.V., Nakhodkin, M.G.
A suggestion of the graphene/Ge(111) structure based on ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy investigation
Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 61 (2016) 75-87.

Kutana, A., Goriachko, A., Hu, Z., Sachdev, H., Over, H., Yakobson, B.I.
Buckling Patterns of Graphene-Boron Nitride Alloy on Ru(0001)
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2 (2015) art. no. 1500322.

Goriachko, A., Kulyk, S.P., Melnik, P.V., Nakhodkin, M.G.
Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of the Si(001)-c(8 × 8) nanostructured surface
Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 60 (2015) 148-152.

Goriachko, A., Melnik, P.V., Nakhodkin, M.G.
New features of the Ge(111) surface with co-existing c(2 × 8) and 2 × 2 reconstructions investigated by scanning tunneling microscopy
Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 60 (2015) 1132-1142.

Goriachko, A., Shchyrba, A., Melnik, P.V., Nakhodkin, M.G.
Bismuth growth on Ge(111): Evolution of morphological changes from nanocrystals to films
Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 59 (2014) 805-818.

Romanyuk, B., Melnik, V., Popov, V., Babich, V., Kladko, V., Gudymenko, O., Ilchenko, V., Vasyliev, I., Goriachko, A.
Structural and electrical properties of oxygen complexes in Cz and FZ silicon crystals implanted with carbon ions
Nanoscale Research Letters, 9 (2014) art. no. A001.

Goriachko, A., Melnik, P.V., Nakhodkin, M.G., Zakharov, A.A., Over, H.
Hexagonal C and BN superstructures on Ru(0001) and Ge(111)
Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik, 44 (2013) 129-135.

Goriachko, A., Melnik, P.V., Shchyrba, A., Kulyk, S.P., Nakhodkin, M.G.
Initial stages of Bi/Ge(111) interface formation: A detailed STM study
Surface Science, 605 (2011) 1771-1777.

Goriachko, A., Over, H.
Modern nanotemplates based on graphene and single layer h-BN
Zeitschrift fur Physikalische Chemie, 223 (2009) 157-168.

Dudin, P., Barinov, A., Dalmiglio, M., Gregoratti, L., Kiskinova, M., Goriachko, A., Over, H.
Nanoscale morphology and oxidation of ion-sputtered Rh(1 1 0) and Ru(0 0 0 1)
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 166-167 (2008) 89-93.

Goriachko, A., Zakharov, A.A., Over, H.
Oxygen-etching of h-BN/Ru(0001) nanomesh on the nano- and mesoscopic scale
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112 (2008) 10423-10427.

Goriachko, A., He, Y.B., Over, H.
Complex growth of NanoAu on BN nanomeshes supported by Ru(0001)
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112 (2008) 8147-8152.

He, Y.B., Goriachko, A., Korte, C., Farkas, A., Mellau, G., Dudin, P., Gregoratti, L., Barinov, A., Kiskinova, M., Stierle, A., Kasper, N., Bajt, S., Over, H.
Oxidation and reduction of ultrathin nanocrystalline Ru films on silicon: Model system for Ru-capped extreme ultraviolet lithography optics
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 111 (2007) 10988-10992.

Berner, S., Corso, M., Widmer, R., Groening, O., Laskowski, R., Blaha, P., Schwarz, K., Goriachko, A., Over, H., Gsell, S., Schreck, M., Sachdev, H., Greber, T., Osterwalder, J.
Boron nitride nanomesh: Functionality from a corrugated monolayer
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 46 (2007) 5115-5119.

Goriachko, A., He, Y., Knapp, M., Over, H., Corso, M., Brugger, T., Berner, S., Osterwalder, J., Greber, T.
Self-assembly of a hexagonal boron nitride nanomesh on Ru(0001)
Langmuir, 23 (2007) 2928-2931.

Bulavenko, S.Y., Melnik, P.V., Nakhodkin, M.G., Goriachko, A.
Investigation of hydrogen interaction with the Si(1 1 1)-7 × 7 surface by STM with Bi/W tips
Surface Science, 600 (2006) 1185-1192.

Müller, K., Burkov, Y., Mandal, D., Henkel, K., Paloumpa, I., Goryachko, A., Schmeißer, D.
Microscopic and Spectroscopic Characterisation of Interfaces and Dielectric Layers for OFET Devices
Organic Electronics: Structural and Electronic Properties of OFETs, (2009) pp. 445-468.

Müller, K., Burkov, Y., Mandal, D., Henkel, K., Paloumpa, I., Goryachko, A., Schmeißer, D.
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