Valery Zhdanov

Valery Zhdanov

Head of the Astrophysics department of Astronomical Observatory



Fundamental physics and models of astrophysical phenomena at high energies

Research Fields:

Previous and Current Research

We worked out qualitative and approximate methods in various fields of general relativity and relativistic dynamics, such as the problem of motion in relativistic dynamics taking into account the retardation of interactions, theory of relativistic shock waves in case of a general equation of state (including anomalous media), theory of wave propagation in curved space-times, analytical and statistical methods in gravitational microlensing. The results have been represented in a series of monographs (see Fig.1 for some of them).

Fig. 1

Our current projects deal with modifications of existing models of extreme astrophysical objects and working out original new ones to describe highly relativistic astrophysical phenomena and relativistic astrophysical objects. One of the key direction concerns the observational implications of the dark matter and dark energy that together make up about 95 percent of the average mass density in the Universe. Out team takes part in the international CTA project dealing with the next generation Cherenkov telescope array for multi-TeV astronomy (

Methodological and Technical Expertise

Gravitational Microlensing, the scalar field models of the Dark Energy, relativistic processes in active galactic nuclei, the Dark Matter.

Selected Publications

V.M. Shulga, V.I. Zhdanov, A.N. Alexandrov, P.P. Berczik , E.P. Pavlenko, Ya.V. Pavlenko, L.S. Pilyugin, and V.S. Tsvetkova .
Dark energy and dark matter in the Universe: in three volumes / Ed. V. Shulga.
Vol. 2: Dark matter: Astrophysical aspects of the problem // Kyiv: Akademperiodyka. – 2014. –356 p.

Fedorova, E.; Sliusar, V. M.; Zhdanov, V. I.; Alexandrov, A. N.; Del Popolo, A.; Surdej, J.
Gravitational microlensing as a probe for dark matter clumps.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. – 2016. – V.457, Is 4. – P.4147-4159.

Fedorova , E.; Vasylenko, A.; Hnatyk, B. I.; Zhdanov, V. I.
The peculiar megamaser AGN NGC 1194: Comparison with the warped disk candidates NGC 1068 and NGC 4258.
Astronomische Nachrichten. – 2016. – V.337, Issue 1-2. –P.96-100.

Vasylenko, A. A.; Zhdanov, V. I.; Fedorova, E. V.
X-ray spectral parameters for a sample of 95 active galactic nuclei.
Astrophysics and Space Science, – 2015. –V.360, id.37. – 16 pp.

L.L. Jenkovszky, V.I. Zhdanov, E.J. Stukalo.
Cosmological model with variable vacuum pressure
Phys. Rev. D. – 2014. –V. 90, Issue 2. id. 023529. –8 pp.

A.A.Vasylenko, E.V. Fedorova, B.I. Hnatyk, V.I. Zhdanov.
Evidence for a binary black hole in active nucleus of NGC 1194 galaxy?
Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies. – 2015.–V. 31, issue 1. –P.13-18.

V.M. Sliusar, V.I. Zhdanov, A.N. Alexandrov, E.V. Fedorova.
Statistics of light curves of a distant source microlensed by a system of point and extended masses.
Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies. – 2015.– V. 31, issue 2. – P. 82-89.

Alexandrov, A. N.; Zhdanov, V. I.
Asymptotic expansions and amplification of a gravitational lens near a fold caustic.
MNRAS. – 2011. –V.417. – P. 541-554.

Ivashchenko G., Zhdanov V. I., Tugay A. V.
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